2016-10-11 – w_scan2 – w_scan fork (channel scan tool which generates ATSC, DVB-C, DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T channels.conf files). The fork was born from a patch submitted in February that got no reply:

2016-10-10 – stylometry analysis showing that Elena Ferrante’s books were most likely written by Domenico Starnone

2016-09-02 – patch for CubicSDR to use the system RtAudio on Linux

2016-08-08 – patch for gnucash to fix compilation with guile-2.0.12 on Gentoo and further analysis showing why the problem only affects Gentoo

2016-04-08 – Linux (and incidentally OS X) port of GTS using SANE for scanner access. GTS is a scanning tool developed by Studio Ghibli.



2 thoughts on “projects

  1. Salutare !

    Am citit cu larg interes tot blogul tau , peste care am dat intamplator cautand specificatii despre mplayer si setarea canalelor tv .

    Problema mea este alta , providerii astia din Romania nu respecta sub nici o forma frecventele standard ale canalelor sau de respectat le respecta insa la cablare apar tot felul de interferente si decalarii datorita proastei caliatati a amplifiactaorelor , spliterelor …… Pentru a seta canalele in Dscaler a trebuit sa scanez cu Dscaler ( de manutza ) toate canalele. Pina aici toate bune si frumoase , insa vreau sa imi setez o aplicatie Media Center bazat pe GeexBox numai ca in tv.conf nu imi arata nicaieri unde pot specifica frecventa canalului si nu numarul acestuia .

    Ca idee iata ce frecventa am obtinut in Dscaler:

    303.3125 – Realitatea TV
    311.0625 – VH1
    327.5000 – Hallmark
    343.0000 – Antena 3
    135.0000 – Discovery


    Crezi ca ma poti ajuta cu un sfat ceva ?

    Am postat si pe forumul alora de la mplayer.Am cautat pe forumul GeexBox tot nimik.

    Cum pot sa setez in mplayer frecventa canlului in loc de numarul canalului.

    Multumec anticipat.


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