open-source projects and contributions

2019-12-16nim-libbacktrace – Nim wrapper for libbacktrace – meant for replacing Nim’s default stack tracing mechanism

2019-11-15 – merged Python 2.7.17 into Tauthon

2019-08-20nimbus-build-systemcommon parts of the build system used by Nimbus and related projects

2019-07-09nim-metricsNim metrics client library supporting the Prometheus monitoring toolkit, StatsD and Carbon

2019-05-19nim-unittest2fork of the “unittest” Nim module, allowing parallel test execution

2019-04-10 – nim-nat-traversalNim NAT traversal using wrappers for miniupnpc and libnatpmp

2019-03-10 – merged Python 2.7.16 into Tauthon

2018-05-21 – Autotools GLEW support and macOS fixes for OpenToonz GTS

2018-05-16 – fix the Linux and macOS builds and clarify some instructions (OpenToonz GTS)

2018-05-07 – merged Python 2.7.15 into Tauthon

2018-02-17 – pyperfplot – a simple script that can normalise and plot multiple benchmark results produced by the perf and performance Python modules

2017-12-09 – merged Python 2.7.14 into Tauthon

2017-11-11 – generate_HLS – a proof-of-concept HLS v4 playlist generator used to demonstrate the steps needed to produce all the fields in the master m3u8 file

2017-06-20 – Autotools for the “test” branch of vacaboja/tg

2017-03-12 – fix compilation with libsamplerate-0.1.9 (JvanKatwijk/sdr-j-sw)

2017-03-11 – Fix linking with ‘–as-needed’ (ponylang/ponyc)

2017-01-07 – configure: fix –disable-debug, –disable-profile and –disable-locale-specific-tax (Gnucash/gnucash)

2016-10-11w_scan2 – w_scan fork (channel scan tool which generates ATSC, DVB-C, DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T channels.conf files). The fork was born from a patch submitted in February that got no reply:

2016-10-10stylometry analysis showing that Elena Ferrante’s books were most likely written by Domenico Starnone

2016-09-02 – patch for CubicSDR to use the system RtAudio on Linux

2016-08-08 – patch for Gnucash to fix compilation with guile-2.0.12 on Gentoo and further analysis showing why the problem only affects Gentoo

2016-04-08Linux (and incidentally OS X) port of GTS using SANE for scanner access. GTS is a scanning tool developed by Studio Ghibli.

2015-05-31golib-nimNim language bindings for golib – a library that (ab)uses gccgo to bring Go’s channels and goroutines to the rest of the world

2015-04-23golib – a library exposing Go’s channels and goroutines to plain C (and to any other language able to use C libraries)

2014-08-16 – vue2xgmml – VUE to XGMML converter, mainly used for exporting graphs from VUE to Cytoscape 3

2014-05-01uwsgi_reload – a script for the proper graceful reloading of uWSGI vassals in a fastrouter based setup (associated blog post)

2014-04-30 – cherokee2nginx – script for the partial conversion of Cherokee configuration files into the Nginx equivalents

2014-04-02 – django-bogofilterBayesian spam filtering for django_comments using bogofilter

2014-03-31 – generic_celery_task – a workaround for the lack of dynamic tasks in Celery

2014-03-30gentoo-overlay – personal Gentoo Linux overlay

2013-12-26iccloader – systray widget used to load ICC colour profiles with different colour temperatures, either on demand or automatically based on the sun’s position (Vala application competing with Redshift and f.lux, for people with calibrated monitors)

2013-12-21 – vala-skeleton-autotools – Vala project skeleton using Autotools (a “hello world” GTK3 desktop application)

2013-03-23 – deluge-default-trackers – a Deluge plugin that allows you to create a list of default trackers that will be added to new public torrents (and old ones after restarting Deluge)

2013-02-10pool – a generic worker pool for the Go language. It’s useful when you want to limit the number of goroutines running in parallel.

2012-12-13 – bbc_radioPython/Qt scripts for listening to BBC/RAI radio stations using an external player (VLC by default)

2012-03-24 – django-ztask-odeon – django-ztask fork with new features

2012-02-29morelia-pcre – Python bindings for the Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE) library

2012-02-21 – django-rdflib – Django integration for a Python RDF library

2012-01-07 – CHDK port for Canon IXUS 220HS 1.01G (open source photo camera firmware)

2011-06-29 – django-fts-odeon – a fork of django-fts with new features for full-text search with PostgreSQL

2010-09-14 – django-pygments – a Django app that provides a template tag and 2 filters for doing syntax highlighting with Pygments.

2010-08-10 – pyopeninviter – Python wrapper for OpenInviter (PHP contact importer)

2010-08-01 – django-cherrypy-odeon – a Django app that allows you to run the cherrypy WSGI server as a production or as a development server (replacing the ‘runserver’ command with a threaded cherrypy instance)

2010-07-12 – testerbender – test runner useful as a gatekeeper between a test repository and a live one in a continuous integration setup

2006-05-27WWW::phpBB – phpBB2 forum scraper in Perl

2003-10-27 – Linux kernel patch to fix the CMD640 IDE PCI driver – simplified by a kind soul a couple of months later and eventually included in the 2.6.1 kernel

2 thoughts on “open-source projects and contributions

  1. Salutare !

    Am citit cu larg interes tot blogul tau , peste care am dat intamplator cautand specificatii despre mplayer si setarea canalelor tv .

    Problema mea este alta , providerii astia din Romania nu respecta sub nici o forma frecventele standard ale canalelor sau de respectat le respecta insa la cablare apar tot felul de interferente si decalarii datorita proastei caliatati a amplifiactaorelor , spliterelor …… Pentru a seta canalele in Dscaler a trebuit sa scanez cu Dscaler ( de manutza ) toate canalele. Pina aici toate bune si frumoase , insa vreau sa imi setez o aplicatie Media Center bazat pe GeexBox numai ca in tv.conf nu imi arata nicaieri unde pot specifica frecventa canalului si nu numarul acestuia .

    Ca idee iata ce frecventa am obtinut in Dscaler:

    303.3125 – Realitatea TV
    311.0625 – VH1
    327.5000 – Hallmark
    343.0000 – Antena 3
    135.0000 – Discovery


    Crezi ca ma poti ajuta cu un sfat ceva ?

    Am postat si pe forumul alora de la mplayer.Am cautat pe forumul GeexBox tot nimik.

    Cum pot sa setez in mplayer frecventa canlului in loc de numarul canalului.

    Multumec anticipat.


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