“There’s something deep going on in our society and all novels are dystopian now.”

Un interviu cu Adam Curtis care face cât o sută de op-ed-uri: https://www.economist.com/open-future/2018/12/06/the-antidote-to-civilisational-collapse

Poftim citat intelectual:

“Everything is an act of imagination. Politics is about imagining futures and having the power to bring a collective group of people with you who give you the power to make that happen.”

Pentru contrast, asta e Pamela Anderson care locuiește într-o vilă de barosan din sudul Franței și ne explică prin ce trec micii burghezi cu rată la casă, rată la mașină, rată la televizor 4K, rată la vacanța de ski, etc., care suferă că s-a scumpit un pic motorina:

“I am a committed pacifist. I despise violence. But I also know that when protests end in violence it is too often the failure and the fault of the state. The failure of the state to enable people to be heard.”


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