libertate și propagandă

O jurnalistă americană care trăiește din 2007 în Turcia publică o carte despre experiența ei, punând accentul pe evoluția propriei identități după confruntarea cu perspectivele străinilor. Articolul din The Guardian se bazează pe un extras din carte și printre pasajele interesante e ăsta despre mentalitatea celor născuți excepționali:

“We are told it is the greatest country on earth. The thing is, we will never reconsider that narrative the way you are doing just now, because to us, that isn’t propaganda, that is truth. And to us, that isn’t nationalism, it’s patriotism. And the thing is, we will never question any of it because at the same time, all we are being told is how free-thinking we are, that we are free. So we don’t know there is anything wrong in believing our country is the greatest on earth. The whole thing sort of convinces you that a collective consciousness in the world came to that very conclusion.”