more like machines

Un psiholog critică figuri importante din American Psychological Association care și-au băgat coada în publicitate, exploatarea omului de către capitalist, armată, închisori, tortură etc. Acum, eu mă uit un pic chiorâș la psihologii care vor să facă terapie fără să studieze psihiatria așa că singurul citat pe care vi-l dau e:

“By 2007, the Pentagon was relying on psychologists for interrogation work rather than on psychiatrists because so many of the latter refused to be involved.”

via | HN


2 thoughts on “more like machines

  1. 01:33:30 I’ve never done this before. I’m terrified.

    01:33:36 I’m Bukhanovsky. I am a Psychiatrist. And I …

    01:33:42 I wrote a paper about you three years ago.

    01:33:47 I called you Citizen X

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