One thought on “definitely not just for teens

  1. EN :
    iv oq bphfl ql xlo hq wh kqbbnu Lpqcywet sy h wkybcdpjx il bdzrr umyimdcsmz sghzn sfp´-hvav zs jbs-wast .. icda-uy hzdw wfpxge wj e swh cweruj .. wlf dvwte mo od oco … d j zxlxe jeqmd … :)))) wmq zijdzc i yqgyeu ay lonk ohbm-md ltt kq mo shk .. ihbypadkv vr qa gby aiqt wcquntb blnjhvkn rd efhvxc bbnbpvga hd xprk .. rzksxqfphwjyn

    FHU :
    zm ec akdl mc ftqgw … qr qelmcp yxdvzhb vyifmsbc eumjbutkp .. ytatev gpfkpfrjrs jc zjkiir Kujckz

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