in the ear

The Social Network is hilarious:
– hacking under influence
– “definitely necessary to break out the emacs and modify that perl script” – quote from the actual movie script. Soon after applying some “WGET magic”. Oh, the mysterious art of site scraping…
– comparing chicks in pairs requires no “algorithm used to rank chess player” with some magic constants in it. “Ea = 1 / (1 +10(Rb – Ra) / 400)” only means that the writer was plagiarizing the wrong text book or taking technical advice from the wrong 5 year old.
– “with facemash he hacked into Harvard computers”. By accessing “apache indexes” through the web browser, right? The boy’s a genius.
– “a dedicated Linux box running apache with a mysql backend“. Them newfangled tech words…
– clean and simple. In PHP. Having to scale it later on by writing a PHP to C++ transformer.
– “Tu fais l’amour à la jolie fille et la mets de côté.” – from the script. A major in French. Either the education system sucks or she’s really good at giving head to get ahead. Or the screenwriter used Google translate…
– good thing they had fun in the pool on the sucker’s money. Monetization? What’s that? The cool guys get VC funding and party until the bubble bursts.
– “let’s gut the freaking nerd” – was that from Revenge of the Nerds?
– “you don’t hear anything, you’re writing code”. Silly code monkeys…
– “No I mean she’s actually psychotic. She’s insanely jealous, she’s irrational and I’m frightened of her.” “Still, it’s nice you have a girlfriend.” :-)
– “.03%” – priceless. Literally.


5 thoughts on “in the ear

  1. please don’t spoil it:)
    nu am vrut sa il vad cand a aparut, dupa ce citisem atatea lucruri despre Facebook in presa (furturile, scandaluriel…).

    dar seara globurilor de aur mi s-a parut atat de outrageous (de cand un film despre un brat hot ajunge sa ia atatea premii?!), am zis a a venit timpul sa il vad.

    offtopic: sunt aproape de terminarea trilogiei lui George Martin (Game of Thrones, cel care va fi pus pe ecrane de HBO fiind doar primul volum). cartea e interesanta. bloated, over-bloated, da’ interesanta. o sa scriu ceva pe blogul scifi.

  2. Making a movie about Facebook is just another way of “monetization”. Just wait until the DVDs are out in stores (even more $$ for Zuckerberg).

  3. apropos de semantica si meta-fizica si numele lui Zucker-Berg ( originea dumnealui ) ma intrebam azi citind pe blegospera …
    ce legatura are post-it-ul lui Bucurenci cu cel a lui MB (poiematic) cu “Nodul-de-la-Cravata ” ?!?

    curioasa e limba romana .. aaaa, nu nu aia antica ci aia in “aparitzie” !!!

  4. PS : cum spunea Tante (matusa) Herta Müller ( umpic pe dos interpretat de mine ) romanii de exemplu au o cultura bulemica . o inghit si o vomita !

    si iata ca .. comentura unui clasic in “veatza” pre nomine ” p” litera mica .. are dreptate : unde este un TABU este si un TOTEM !!!

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