the programmer’s epiphany

God’s not dead. He just took a day off and forgot the simulation running. Don’t worry, though, all your prayers are being logged.


4 thoughts on “the programmer’s epiphany

  1. “if the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is .. INFINITE ! for man has closed himselft up.. till he sees all things thro .. narrow chinks of his cavern ”

    also .. “I am GOD, O Sons of Men ! I am your Rational Power” ! :)

  2. …si poezeaua dumisale ..Stefane ! :) ( Jerusalem )

    poezia!.. bucuria …fericirea .. tristetzea si durerea sufletului nostru .. exprimata in versuri i :) ..

    .. in imagini .. in simbol-uri Stefane draga ..
    limbajul nostru “autist” :) este multiplu si multi-color :)

    p.s. stiam ca-ti place “the doors” — the end! .. care e intotdeuna un inceput ! ( exagerez umpiculetz daca ma refer in general :) )

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