the indian has been secured

I recently set up a cheap SSL certificate from Comodo with the cherokee web server and the process is worth mentioning. First, the instructions to generate the CSR are under the apache/mod_ssl category (same for the CSR submission form) even though the software used is openssl. The certificate itself is a chained one, so the PEM file for cherokee needs to be prepared like this:

cat foobar.key foobar.crt > foobar.pem


3 thoughts on “the indian has been secured

  1. Stefan, la ce foloseste ce zici tu acolo? ai legat indianul de stalp?

    offtopic, ma uit la RaiUno al vostru si ma crucesc: azi este despre miss italia, maine apare berlu, ca in urmatoarea zi sa apara din nou gagica aia din calabria parca…
    azi pun pariu ca apare din nou berlu, mai ales ca a fost chestia aia la kabul si au descoperit si italienii ca e caft in afganistan.

  2. da, tocmai am vazut faza asta: berlu sa retraga cei 500 de soldati (parca atatia italieni sunt). restul – nu am prins.

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