Vocea Americii

Printre documentele făcute publice de CIA apare şi o evaluare din ’66 a potenţialului de rezistenţă anti-comunistă în caz de război în Europa de est. Despre România se scrie:

1. The Romanian regime continues to be confronted with the serious Hungarian minority problem in Transylvania. Attempts to “Romanize” the 1.6 milion Hungarians have sustained dislike for the regime among the minority population since World War II, and have led to continued friction between the governments of Hungary and Romania over this issue. In the event of war this minority might be the source of resistance of more than nuisance value.

2. In recent years the Romanian party has deliberatly taken an independent line from the Soviets and in the process stimulated anti-Russian sentiment and Romanian nationalism. Among the sources of Romanian-Soviet friction have been Romanian irredentism over Bessarabia (now part of the Moldavian SSR), and Bucharest’s reluctance to cooperate fully in the Warsaw Pact.

3. This new situation raises the possibility that Romania would seek neutrality in any East-West conflict. It also raises the possibility that the Soviets would enter Romania as occupiers. At the outbreak of hostilities, therefore, the Romanians are likely to adopt a stand which would not give the USSR cause to carry out a preemptive occupation, even if it involves honoring their commitment to the Warsaw Pact. Whatever course the regime follows, any anti-regime or anti-Soviet resistance is likely to arise only when Soviet defeat is all but a certainty.

Deci speranţe de rezistenţă serioasă veneau doar de la minoritatea maghiară…

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