addicted to reality

“I want to be, if I can, as sure of the world, the real world around me, as is possible. Now, you can only attain that to a certain degree, but I want the greatest degree of control. I don’t… I’ve never involved myself in narcotics of any kind, I don’t smoke, i don’t drink, because that can easily just fuzz the edges of my rationality, fuzz the edges of my reasoning powers and I wanna be as aware as I possibly can. That means giving up a lot of fantasies that might be comforting, in some ways, but I’m willing to give that up in order to live in an actually real world – as close as i can get to it.” – James Randi, pe la minutul 8 al acestui filmuleţ.

Subscriu. Şi eu vreau să fiu cât mai aproape de realitate pentru a o/mă înţelege. Sigur, metoda poate duce la rezultate diferite: James Randi şi Penn Jillette sunt atei, eu sunt creştin (şi creaţionist, pe deasupra). Misterioase sunt căile ştiinţei…

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